Brilliantly complex with black liquorice, fresh mint, vanilla essences, and red plums on the nose; followed by a mouth- watering palate of raspberries, red cherries, all spice, and cardamom. The subtle earthy notes provide the clear link to Burgundy, making this pinot noir true to itself & terroir.



Behind the bottle

Mercurey, Ez Chênes  by PM

Mercurey is one of the best-known red wine villages in the Côte Châlonnaise. The Côte Châlonnaise starts where the Côte de Beaune comes to an end, however, it is in a different département of Burgundy, which is the Saône-et-Loire. In terms of getting there, it is some distance from Gevrey-Chambertin, but the drive as ever, is very beautiful, winding through historic villages. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I have the impression that the Soane-et-Loire is a rolling green country, the green fields are flecked with white Charolais cattle, and fringed with old oaks. This is the land of plenty, it is the kingdom of the royal Bresse chicken, with its red crown, pure white body and blue legs, which is marvellous, cooked in cream and accompanied by Pinot Noir!

I have been a fan of the spicy, raspberry flavour of Mercurey red wine for many years, so I was pretty excited when we had the chance to have some vines in Mercurey.

The Ez Chênes parcel is a lieu-dit AOC which lies to the south of the village of Mercurey. It is right on the Côte and the parcel runs up to a line of trees, which marks the beginning of a small forest that crowns the ridge. The gradient is relatively steep, and the vines have been planted running upwards in vertical lines. The soil is clay with small stones (argile-calcaire) and the drainage for this parcel is excellent given the slope profile.There is good protection from wind due to the tree line but also excellent sun as the vines are oriented in a south-easterly direction. The vines are around 50-60 years old.

Mercurey ‘Ez Chênes’, Pinot Noir 2018


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