Bourgogne Blanc “La Rochepot” 2018 CHARDONNAY

Bourgogne Blanc “La Rochepot” 2018 CHARDONNAY

Luscious, layered and complex. Bourgogne Blanc “La Rochepot” Chardonnay 2018

In the Côte de Beaune, La Rochepot is known for its castle, the Château de la Rochepot. The primary cultivated grape varieties are pinot noir and chardonnay. Our parcel is planted in 100% chardonnay and overlooks the famous vineyards of Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet.


Behind the bottle


La Rochepot, en Ormeau sur Saint-Aubin by PM

I love the poetic name of this parcel which means, « in the abalone above Saint-Aubin ». Why this strange name? This is because the parcel lies in the curl of the road which runs above Saint-Aubin, and the curl can be likened to an abalone shell.

The appellation of la Rochepot is right next to Saint-Aubin. Our parcel in la Rochepot lies about one kilometre from the Saint-Aubin parcel and one can walk between the two parcels (good after a nice lunch on Sunday!)

The parcel is oriented towards the south east and is protected by other vines and mature trees behind it. There is also a line of trees below., planted far away enough not to block sunshine. These provide good windbreak and shelter as it is a little higher than the Saint-Aubin vines. There is good exposure to sunlight as while the trees provide shelter, they do not obscure the light.

The soil is stony clay, or argilo-calcaire as we say in Burgundy. There is a gentle slope which assists good drainage. The vines are around fifty years old and are planted in a single block curving around the parcel.

Wine from this parcel is made by Armand into a white Burgundy blend. This is marketed under the Bourgogne Blanc label pursuant to French appellation rules.

“Aromas of pears, confit citrus, oatmeal and nutmeg introduce the 2018, a medium to full-bodied, supple and satiny-textured wine that’s open, expressive and nicely balanced. It will drink well almost immediately after release and in many years to come.”

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