The Perfect Pinot Pack CURATED SELECTION


The Perfect Pinot Pack CURATED SELECTION

Congratulations on choosing THE PERFECT Pinot Noir mixed 12 pack of wines from our vineyards in both Central Otago and Burgundy. These wines will reward the most discerning pinot noir lovers, at every level. We recommend you buy a case for now and a case for your cellar…


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Behind the bottle

We are very proud to bring you the Perfect Pinot Noir 12 Pack. With free delivery within New Zealand, NZD$499 for this pack is a fantastic deal so be sure to secure yours today.

The Perfect Pinot Noir 12 Pack:

Our “Perfect Pinot Pack” includes THREE each of:

2018 Explorer Pinot Noir (RRP NZD $29)
2018 Bourgogne Rouge “Mellecey” Pinot Noir (RRP NZD$45)
2016 Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir (RRP NZD$55)
2017 Rows 1 – 37 Domaine Thomson Pinot Noir (RRP NZD$75)

At only NZD $499, you save nearly 20% – go on, you deserve this! We are offering free shipping within New Zealand as well so this is a very special offer indeed.

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Our love of growing exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay runs deep. Share our passion for fine wine with a Domaine Thomson Gift Voucher.


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We love all things Australian. While divided by rugby and cricket, memories of the Gallipoli Campaign, where Aussies and Kiwis fought side by side, unite us.  To celebrate our relationship with our closest neighbours, we  offer discounted case shipping for our neighbours across the Tasman Sea.

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