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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Apr 18, 2021 | Blog, News, Press

Food and Sake Adventures in ancient Kyoto

Food and Sake Adventures in ancient Kyoto

It was a beautiful clear winter day when our Shinkansen floated into Kyoto Station. As usual, we were lined up by the door, ready to jump out when it stopped. They only stop for two minutes each stop, so we were there holding onto the suitcases, as we didn’t plan to go onto Hiroshima, the next stop. Though I have heard that Hiroshima has excellent oysters and a special, Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki, which is very good. Another time……

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We are looking forward to a very special time – harvest in the Vineyard

Every year, as we come up to “harvest” time, we all have mixed feelings. Harvest is the culmination of the year’s work, it’s what we have looked forward to all year. As the time comes, it’s both exciting and a little tense, we hope we have done all necessary work to set up the vines in the best position for a good vintage 2022. We also look up at the sky and hope for the best as far as the weather is concerned. It never fails to surprise how vignerons around the world feel the same about the run up to harvest, it is the same heady mixture of anticipation, excitement about the vintage and...

Welcome 2022

We welcome in 2022 with renewed hope and some relief that we can leave 2021 behind. The vineyard looks a picture with flourishing vines – the grapes bunches are now formed and set, with the vines enjoying the stretch of hot weather we are experiencing.  It appears we are ahead in our usual seasonal harvest timetable as well. Cromwell is abuzz with holiday makers out on the lake, on the biking trails and taking the opportunity to sample the fine wines available in the region. Our new release Surveyor Thomson Rosé 2021 has been popular not just for its...

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